Recent North Korean Defector Christian – “I Don’t Know What A Prayer Request Is!”

The situation confronting defectors from North Korea when entering South Korea….

Do the Word

KYH LonginglyEvery Saturday, a small group of new North Korean Christians meet together in our Underground Technology (UT) classes.  All of them attend an evangelical church–it’s a requirement for admission to UT–but most of the churches in Korea struggle to know how to disciple defectors. As a result, it’s frequently the case that defectors go to church without understanding even the basics of the Christian life. Over the past few years, we’ve found the UT program to be essential in their spiritual development and their basic survival in South Korea.  The below story, shared by my wife (Melissia Dillmuth) illustrates this well . . .

“I don’t know what a prayer request is…”replied KYH, a new UT student, when we asked him if he had any prayer requests to share with us. We were sitting on the floor in KYH’s small, 100 square foot apartment, munching on dried seaweed and fruit that he…

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