seeing the harvest

uDMMs | urban Disciple Making Movements

My post on measuring movements introduced the principle of using information to serve those through whom God is working.

This includes organizing information in ways that help disciple makers see what God is doing.

An easy way to do this is by drawing a fruit chart.1 Here is how:

Generation 1

Draw circles for each Bible discussion group that you are discipling, arranging them in a row. These circles represent the first generation of Bible discussion groups (G-1).

Describe the circles you draw by writing the initials of the people who are part of each Bible discussion group inside of their corresponding circle, and underline the initials of each group’s natural leader.

Do not include yourself as a group member or leader.

Record the number of seekers and believers in each group at the bottom of their circle. For example, if a group has three seekers and one believer, write “3S, 1B” at the bottom of their circle.


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