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An amazing story of God’s leadership and perfect timing!

We never see that unless we are actually willing to obey Christ and step out to try to obey somehow….

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The spine of the Appalachian Mountain range extends from Northern Mississippi to New York and the mountains roll down either side of that spine to the east and west.

Recently the Lord has pressed the Appalachian poor on my heart. So I googled “Appalachian poor”. The Appalachian Regional Commission popped up and had a ton of information including the map above.

As I researched, it turned out that Holmes County Ohio, the county with the most Amish people in America, is also home to some distressed Appalachian poor communities. And it’s only 1 hour from where I live.

So I started driving. Praying and driving. As I drove, the hills kept getting bigger, yep- it’s the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. As I drove deeper into the backwoods, off to my right I could barely see a clump of ramshackle houses and trailers. As I pulled onto their road God…

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