Another Take On P.R.A.Y.

Another take on the acronym “P.R.A.Y.” and Bible Reading

P.R.A.Y. the Bible

Missionary Bob French is the subject of this excellent article at Mission Frontiers: Solid Grounding Transforms Worldview to Bring Forth Multiplying Fruit

He has published a number of study guides in the Philippines for use in his church planting movement.

He has also published information using the acronym “P.R.A.Y.”…

It’s similar to ours in some ways … this is from his publisher’s blog at CSM Publishing:

1.    Pray: Talk to God before and throughout your study of the Bible. Praise and worship God. Confess your sins. Ask for the Holy Spirit’s help to understand your text.
2.    Read: Read an entire chapter of the Bible and select a text to study.
3.    Ask questions: Ask questions and write your answers according to what the Bible says.
Who is mentioned?
What does the text say?
When did (will) it happen?
Where did (will, should) it happen?
Why did (will, should)…

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