“There Is No Benedict Option,” By Bruce Frohnen

The so-called “Benedict Option” disregards, it seems, the Great Commission in favor of self-preservation. Here’s someone who has finally called its bluff.

Nomocracy In Politics

I write this from Iceland, where, around the year 1000, the nation´s lawspeaker declared that henceforth Iceland would publicly follow Christianity. In making this proclamation he struck a conciliatory tone, holding that pagans might continue in the old faith, including by exposing unwanted children (to the elements and death) and sacrificing (including at times humans) to their gods, provided they did so in private. The pagans chose to abide by the new rules and, in time, essentially died out. Of course, that was until the recent revival of paganism in the West; at this writing Iceland´s government is working on building a new pagan temple.

The parallel with recent Supreme Court pronouncements is stunning. Thanks to Justice Kennedy´s adolescent philosophizing in the same-sex marriage case, the public rule now will be that love, however one chooses to define it for oneself, will trump religious and traditional views of the needs…

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