Stopping Church Shopping

How do you stop church shopping? Make disciples instead of simply hoping for visitors…


Church ShoppingWe’ll call them Brian and Victoria Samples. They are followers of Jesus, born-again, and church shoppers. Following the tried-and-true method of how to select a new church passed down from their parents, the young couple sits through several worship services, boldly leave their toddler in childcare, and pray about their fit with that church.

Now, there’s another couple we’ll call Terrance and Charlene Goforth. They are followers of Jesus, born-again, and church shoppers, too. They have been discipled to study their Bibles and come up with an ideal of what a church should be. Using that standard, they approach worship services as a holy time of repentance and renewal, spend time with childcare workers exploring how they can make their toddler’s experience positive and enriching, and dedicate portions of each week praying about opportunities to serve, using their gifts to align with the church’s greatest needs.

The Samples are spectators…

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