If Muslims are not terrorists, what are they?

of Christians are not evangelists, what are they?


Muslims who don’t believe their prophet called them to vigorously pursue Allah’s global dominion fall into the same category as Christians who don’t believe Christ commissioned them to make disciples of all nations.

They may call themselves ‘Muslim’ or ‘Christian,’ but they have stepped away from the heart of their leader’s teaching.

In both cases, the founder modeled the kind of behavior he expected of his followers as they pursued his vision:

Islam’s prophet quickly resorted to violence when “infidels” did not readily submit to his “peace.” Jesus sacrificed his own life so everyone could experience an unworldly peace.

Clueless Western “Christians” insist Islam is not at heart ready to employ violence in its cause because their version of Christianity does not require adherents to lay down their lives for God’s revolution.

Jesus followers: Seek peace and pursue it. Love your Muslim neighbor the way you love yourself. Tell…

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