An App For The New Parish

There’s an app for the New Parishes that need to form everywhere… 

“There’s an app for that!” they say!

Even for identifying and serving new “parishes”.

Is the app from a church or denomination? No…

It’s the NextDoor App 

It’s a social app that tries to connect people in relatively close geographic proximity.

I tried it a while back and it was buggy here. 

I tried again today and it’s up and running and a local area has been identified for me…

I simply joined and introduced myself.

Now “all” I have to do is use these connections to reach out for Christ and “be a neighbor”.

That’s the simple and the hard. 

If you’ve ever bemoaned the breakdown of community, here’s your chance to do something to reverse the trends that shock you.

If you believe in a vision of the parish – use this app to put feet to your vision.

Here’s the link again: NextDoor App

Go for it! Tell me how it goes at: