Business As Mission – American Coffee Stories

What’s a missionary kid do to find a flexible way to fund his outreach project in one of America’s least evangelized regions?

While CPM/DMM practitioners are used to talking about “Access Strategies” like the “House of Peace Search”, another technique is called “Access Businesses”. These are for profit (or at least break even hopefully!) businesses that allow people on mission PLAUSIBLE REASONS to operate in any given location and not seem to be preaching simply to gather a congregation “for the income”.

We often associate these ventures with “foreign mission fields” and their prevalence in Western contexts is relatively unexplored, I believe.

Paul, as a “tentmaker”, had such a “business” that let him be “in the marketplace”.

In America, as far as I know, most “tentmakers” are  simply “employees” of established businesses. Normally these are “bivocational” pastors and missionaries.

Fewer seem to be “entrepreneurs”.

“American Coffee Stories” is a combination blog and access business designed to fund conversations with target populations in the Pacific Northwest in “third places” comfortable for the people being reached and those seeking to reach them. It generates cash by selling monthly coffee subscriptions.

The blog component of the business shares the stories of people the author meets in these locally popular but otherwise nationally unknown coffee shops.

The business component of this venture sells special coffee roasts from these shops either in bulk or as a monthly sampler.

It’s a fascinating concept, and, though I don’t know the margins involved, sounds like the venture could be profitable in its own right.  I certainly hope so!

If you fancy yourself a coffee aficionado and would like to learn more or even support the venture, check out their subscriptions and pray for this venture’s success. Who knows, you might meet some interesting people to love for Christ’s sake this way yourself!

That’s “American Coffee Stories” …