Christian Talk Radio – A New Voice 

  Christian Talk Radio has a new voice in “Reconnect with Carmen“. The Princeton  Semonary grad (M.Div. ’93) speaks from the perspective of the mainline renewal.

Once an easily identified group of alienated evangelicals inside the PCUSA, this constituency had scattered to the 4 winds in a sense as the flight from that mainline denomination has boosted on Presbyterian group (the EPC – exiles from an earlier time) and spawned a new denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians.

“Reconnect with Carmen” is a way to serve this group and serve new church members.

The mainline renewal has always focused on the Gospel and ethics  the mainline claimed as its heritage but forgot. It never engaged in the stridency of fundamentalism.

Hopefully the show can gather an audience that values the ethos this mainline warrior brings to the discussion!