A New Day of Growth. By Manik Corea.

The New Anglican Missionary Society takes the spirit represented in the book “Asian Tigers for Christ” (http://amzn.to/1XxC4jR) but takes it to a whole new level as they seek to encourage “disciple making disciples” in light of the church planting movement experiences from around the globe. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the Anglican context, and it’s exciting to see how this will work!

NAMS Network

The church of Jesus Christ is called to the double task of following Jesus and becoming fishers of people under His charge (Mark 1:17).

It is instructive to see the way that Peter, Andrew, James and John were so quick to change the direction of their lives in order to follow Jesus (Mark 1:18,20 c.f. Mark 10:28). For, as Jesus would later clearly teach, this is the pathway of all true disciples.

We are likewise called to leave home comforts, the allure of self-centered dreams, and the safety of the familiar for risk, suffering, and the inexpressible joy of being with Jesus on mission. A disciple is one who is ready to give up everything and do anything for Jesus.

In fact, we cannot be disciple-makers unless we ourselves are first disciples who have abandoned all for Jesus (Luke 14:33).

On the other hand, disciple-making is the holy task of…

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