The 7 Basic Commands of Jesus Christ by George Patterson

The 7 Basic Commands of Jesus Christ are helpful for a variety of reasons…

1) They succinctly cover the teaching of Jesus Christ who said that His followers would lovingly OBEY Him (John 14:15)

2) They can be easily memorized and repeated by MULTIPLE GENERATIONS of believers… something essential for a disciple making movement.

3) They are useful THROUGHOUT THE CHRISTIAN LIFE… nobody ever “outgrows them”. Whether a new believer or a seasoned Christian, the commands are relevant and help us evaluate our Christian Life.

4) They are helpful to evaluate a CHURCH’s health. How many in a congregation or network of congregations know and practice these commands. The more widespread the knowledge of these commandments and loving adherence to them, the healthier the church or movement.

Do you know the 7 Basic Commands of Christ?

Are you practicing them?

Are they a productive self-evaluation tool for you?

Source: The 7 Basic Commands of Jesus Christ by George Patterson