Church Planting with MicroSD Cards | Mobile Ministry Forum

North Indian farm workers use resources on microSD cards to lead Bible Studies and plant churches.

“The Christian worker has essential elements for church planting recorded in audio on the memory card. This consists of beginning a gospel conversation through the JESUS film and Magdalena film, which can be watched on the mobile or put into an adaptor and watched on a TV. Then, they include a set of 35 gospel lessons which each have a color illustration and the audio story. For discipleship, they have eight audio lessons for new believers. Following this they have a T4T (Training for Trainers) type church planting training which is also in audio form. This includes a section on healthy church. They include a Baptist Faith and Message audio teaching which helps to develop healthy doctrine in leaders. Lastly, the entire Bible is available in audio or written form on the MicroSD card, as well as in a daily audio Bible format.”