Catechetical Evangelism in the Newspaper | Lutheran Catechism

Is it possible to use newspaper articles to evangelize or disciple in America?

This free E book is a complication of such articles and using them or something similar may be worth a try.

Here’s what the author has to say about his work:

Evangelism springs from Luther’s Small Catechism into the newspaper. This book shares from the author’s experiences in writing religion articles published in his local newspaper. It presents ideas about the Catechism and evangelism, and about newspaper evangelism. It explains an approach to writing catechetical newspaper articles and includes three dozen of the author’s published articles as examples of the approach.

Click through for the download link and to learn about the author’s experiences in this field over many years.

Another excerpt on “Catechetical Evangelism” from the book:

To be a witness for Christ does not require learning something more or different from what you learned to be a Christian confirmed in your baptismal faith. When opportunity to be Christ’s witness arises, simply think catechetically. As you listen to your relative, neighbor, friend, or coworker, think to yourself, what part of the Catechism touches this? Then bring forth that part. The Catechism is small enough and simple enough for this.