YouTube and Evangelism By Proxy

Here’s an interesting piece on the ethics of posting evangelism encounters on YouTube. Worth considering … does this objectify people we claim to love and wish to win for Christ?

The Sin Boldly Blog

sp11There is something of a trend in Christian circles to record evangelism encounters and post them on YouTube for the world to see. On the whole, I am sure this is a good for God’s Kingdom. Christians see other Christians boldly proclaiming the Gospel and can be encouraged to do the same. They can learn good arguments to make and become familiar with relevant passages of scripture when engaging the same crowd (Mormons, pro-choice folks at abortion clinics, etc.) Or we can learn about a ministry and see firsthand what it is doing and decide whether or not we should lend it support through social media shares or even financial resources.

Whereas such a practice was done in relative isolation, now, with Go Pro cameras and YouTube, tens of thousands of people can watch Christians engage non-Christians in public squares and challenge them to give up their false beliefs. I…

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