Using Slideshare For Your Church or Ministry

Slideshare (now owned by LinkedIn) is a powerful document and presentation sharing service that has lots of traffic in it’s own right. Even better (or worse depending on your goals) documents posted there potential get quite a lot of visibility in search engines.

That means if you’re in a security conscious situation, DON’T POST SENSITIVE MATERIAL THERE.

However, if you’re a local church, posting an informative brochure about your congregation may be helpful. When people search for “Church in Your Town” your file at Slideshare may get noticed and help you reach out to people.

If you have a WordPress site, you can even do what I’ve just done and embed your document right on the page too.

If your church doesn’t have a website (hard to believe) or just uses a Facebook page, adding slideshare for key documents may help you reach out more effectively.

That’s just a thought.