James 1:1-4 Bible Study Helps

The best version of the “Swedish Bible Study” Method I’ve seen because it has the cross ✝️ – this reminds us to see the Gospel as well as the Law in a passage. Our minds are often more attuned to what we must do rather than what God has done in Christ!

Young Meadows Youth Ministry

After two days of reading the whole letter of James, today we jumped into the letter to study James 1:1-4. We read the letter to get familiar with it. Now, we study it to go deep to search out the treasures of God’s word!

We used the Swedish Bible Study Method to start our bible study plan. It is a method attributed to Ada Lum, an IFES staff worker and Bible reading enthusiast of many decades. The method is named for the group of Swedish students it was originally used with. The goal was to find a way to lead students in learning how to study the bible by focusing on making good observations from God’s word to make sure they would interpret them correctly. It’s mean to get the student to focus on “what is God saying” or “what does the author mean” instead of just “what does…

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An Advent Book (The Christian Year Series) by Rev. Chuck Huckaby – Life Through Lutheran Lenses

Note: An Advent Book is free on December 1 & 2 for Amazon Kindle …

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An Advent devotional that’s perfect for individuals, families, and small groups. PASTORS can receive this new book via PDF for FREE! And, for a short time it is free for everyone in Kindle format. Read on for details!
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An Advent Book (The Christian Year Series) by Rev. Chuck Huckaby

Quick link to this free book: https://amzn.to/2KwPnlc

Life Through Lutheran Lenses

Rev. Chuck Huckaby, Minister of Congregational Life at First Protestant Church of New Braunfels, Texas has launched a brand new book, just in time for Advent. An Advent Book consists of brief daily devotionals for the Advent season that are perfect for individuals, families, and groups.

Each day, beginning with the Saturday prior to Advent, which happens to be the last day of the church year, there is a scripture reading, a brief devotion, a prayer and a short guide to help participants continue to pray on their own. The prayer guide utilizes the acronym P.R.A.Y. and encourages readers to: “Praise and Thank God for… Repent of… Ask God’s help with…and Yield/say “yes” to God’s Word about…” In addition to time spent praying, each scripture and devotion provides ample opportunities for discussion with others as well as material for personal contemplation.

This new book is…

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Pastoral visitation in the old Church of Scotland

Pastoral Visitation in the Old Scottish Parish…

West Port Experiment

X. Sess. 13 et ult., April 27, 1708.—Act and Recommendation concerning Ministerial Visitation of Families.

“. . . Seeing, for the faithful discharge of ministers’ work, they ought, besides what is incumbent to them in the public congregation, to take special care and inspection of the particular persons and families under their oversight and charge, in order to which, it hath been the laudable custom of this Church, at least once a year, if the largeness of the parish, bodily inability in the minister, or other such like causes, do not hinder, for ministers to visit all the families in their parish, and oftener, if the parish be small, and they be able to set about it.

“For the more uniform and successful management of which work, although in regard of the different circumstances of some parishes, families, and persons, much of this work, and the management thereof, must be…

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RPM: Star & Crescent and Christ

May God bless this faithfulness in the parish!

West Port Experiment

On Saturday, made some more progress in my S. Providence district. Hoping to get it finished before it gets too cold.

Balcom St. has a lot of history for me. It was there I met a Liberian who seemed like he was just waiting for a fisher of men to come after him. In the same building now is a refugee family of the Karen tribe from Southeast Asia. One of the young Liberians in our church had invited the daughter, a good friend of hers, to church some time back and came for a number of weeks. And a Congolese family that live next door, very dear Christian people, worshipped with us regularly for some nine months. They are living stones amid the rubble of sin and misery.

Prayer_in_Cairo_1865Saturday was no disappointment. Above our Congolese friends is a small Somali family. The young man, a Muslim, was very polite…

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