Forming a firm identity: The pastoral challenge for ex-Muslim Christians

Pastoral care for new Christian converts must seek to build a solid Christian identity.

Here are 10 bases to cover from Duane Miller’s perspective.

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I recently attended a consultation in East Africa. Our goal was to formulate a strategy for evangelizing the unreached of East Africa and the Horn Africa, almost all Muslims. This talk was my own contribution to the consultation and was well received. It is an expansion of an earlier talk I gave in November of 2017.

I begin by arguing that persecution is not the main pastoral challenge for converts, rather is the formation of a firm, new Christian identity. I found this in my own research presented in Living among the Breakage (2016), and earlier research by Kathryn Kraft (2013) and Seppo Syrjänen (1984) contain similar findings.

Here I present ten points that can be used for people counseling and guidance for Christ’s converts from Islam:

A Firm Identity in Christ: The Pastoral Challenge for…

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‘Star Spangled Banner’ author evangelized through Sunday Schools

Francis Scott Key helped promote Sunday Schools throughout the American West, helping create thousands of them over the years.

Though we’ve heard his song sung many times, most people have never heard of this aspect of his legacy.

Take a few minutes to read it for yourself…

How can we follow his example?

‘Star Spangled Banner’ author evangelized through Sunday Schools
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NK Christian: “We are not waiting for political changes that would make Christian work safer”

NK Christian: “We are not waiting for political changes that would make Christian work safer”

NK Christian: “We are not waiting for political changes that would make Christian work safer”
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14 Crucial Characteristics of Church Movement Leaders: Working Among Unreached Peoples

What common characteristics are found in movement leaders?

The Asian Rough Rider

With the work I do, I often ask (and get asked) about Unreached People Groups (UPG’s) and how to see indigenous church movements started among them. This conversation always goes back to leadership and why movements (an act of God by the way) can’t happen without them. I have the privilege to labor among UPG’s in restrictive or creative access nations (CANS) and most importantly, serve alongside mentors, leaders, and friends with experience in seeing movements launched in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Through personal experience, observations, and interviews with experienced practitioners, I’ve found 14 Crucial Characteristics of Church Movement Leaders who work Among Unreached Peoples.


Some peeps wake up in the morning thinking about bacon or Instagram, others wake up passionate about furthering the glory of God among the nations. Movement leaders wake up with purpose and passion to see their UPG reached. They are captivated…

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How To Use Free Tools To Survey Your Neighborhood

How To Survey Your Neighborhood

This is a very good article on using free Google tools and basic research to uncover people groups who are not being reached with the Gospel.

Of course it takes research and collating the data online and then – of course – USING the data.

In the end, though, unless someone actually presents the Gospel it all is to no avail!

If you are trying to canvas a large area (the author serves in Houston) this may be what you need. If you’re a solo pastor seeking to reach new people with the Gospel, your time may be better spent simply knocking on doors in a neighborhood and visiting it on a regular basis.

In it to win it

Attraction or Invasion? Do we owe people more systematic effort to share the Gospel with them?

Michael Ives considers the work of Thomas Chalmers…

West Port Experiment

Below is an extract from an upcoming journal article I’m writing on Thomas Chalmers’ territorial (parochial) method of outreach.

* * * *

The method also capitalizes on the power of moral influence. Now, as we have seen already, the very doctrinal keystone of Chalmers’ model was the stern, Calvinist doctrine of human depravity. Attraction might work, if men were not half bad. But as they are altogether bad – spiritually speaking – there must be aggression. Yet, perhaps surprisingly, the aggression must be gentle. The laborer must go among the people and “ingratiate” himself in their affections by his manifest care for them, body and soul, parents and children:

… he is to watch every opportunity, to go to them especially at those seasons when, through sickness or death in their houses, their hearts are peculiarly open and susceptible to impressions from one who comes to them in the…

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Easter in Your Neighborhood: Here’s How

Here’s a unique idea for Easter outreach that’s simple and spreads the Good News where the people are, not just where we might like them to be.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every subdivision or local park had it’s own simple Easter Sunrise Service to proclaim the Word of Christ and connect to people who would never darken the doors of our churches otherwise?

Check this out… there’s still time to do it this year!

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