When It’s Best To Not Ransom The Captive

“Ransoming the Captives” is one of the 10 “Works of Mercy” that form the broad outline of Rev. Eric Foley’s “The Whole Life Offering”. Rev. Foley’s suggestion is that February through November, churches spend one month on each “Work of Mercy”. January is for preparation and December is for review essentially. Here’s a post on the work of mercy “Ransoming the Captive”.

Do the Word


Post by Pastor Tim – Ransoming the captive is not something that you can just roll out of bed and do.  It requires faithfulness in all the other works of mercy and a willingness to go where many are not willing to go.  That is precisely why I’ve been praying in regards to this work of mercy.  I knew I couldn’t manufacture a ransoming opportunity on my own . . . I would need the Lord’s direction.

God didn’t bring anyone new into my life, but he did open my eyes to an old friend who needs help.  Ransoming is a spirit-soul-body activity, and my friend certainly needs ransoming in all three areas.

A number of years ago he was convicted of a crime and since that point in time his life has gone in a downward spiral.  He has financially mismanaged his own money (and other peoples’ money as…

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David Watson: The Core Value of Prayer

Church Planting Strategy Coordinator David Watson writes at the link below suggesting a series of scripture passages that should inform the church planter’s prayer life. They may be studied by individuals or groups.

Those familiar with the “Discovery Bible Study” process will recognize the “3 Column” study…. asking of the text what it says, what it means, and stating how “I will” obey God’s Word. He offers a good explanation of these concepts for those not familiar with them.

In this article he adds adds a 4th column … “What must I/my team/my organization do to move from conspicuously obey these precepts?” It’s an application column to allow us to begin the process of navigating in the direction our reflection upon God’s Word leads us.

Attached to the article is a long list of scriptures on prayer that he suggests we not only study initially but revisit regularly…

Core Value Prayer

Birthing a New DMM in West Bemgal India

Birthing a New DMM Movement

David Watson chronicles the birth of. new Disciple Making Movement in a previously resistant area – West Bengal India.

Kavitha* attended a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) training just a few months ago and was so excited, she went straight home and started a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) in her house. From that study, two people went out and started two more Discovery Bible Studies. Then a person from one of the new studies went out and started another one. That’s a third-generation Bible study in an unreached Bengali People Group — in six months!

*name has been changed for security reasons

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Circumpolar: How are Muslims coming to Christ? Introduction

Courtesy @Circumpolar

Circumpolar: How are Muslims coming to Christ?

This is a 8 part series of articles (blog posts) on how Muslims are converting to Christ.

Part 1: Conversion is a Contextual Process,
Part 2: The Prominence of the Affective Dimension,
Part 3: The Silent Witness of Love and Integrity,
Part 4: A Patron – Client View of the Gospel,
Part 5: Conversion in Layers of Identity.
Part 6: The Congruence of Cultural Values
Part 7: The Differing Female Experience
Part 8: The Beauty of the Written and Resurrected Word.

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PrayerMate reviewed at Challies Dot Com


PrayerMate | Challies Dot Com

This review of the PrayerMate app for iPhone and iPad does a good job of explaining the apps many benefits.

It can be set up to merely keep various requests by category so they may be prayed on a regular basis a few each day, or with a little ingenuity the app may be configured to also allow you to create your own “office” of prayer with Adoration, Confession, Supplication, etc, according to your wishes. It can also help one recall key Bible passages if used correctly! An excellent and inexpensive tool!

Can Urban and Suburban Christians Agree? | This Is Our City | Christianity Today

Can Urban and Suburban Christians Agree? | This Is Our City | Christianity Today

A case study from the city of Philadelphia, PA on how pastors from two distinctly different theological traditions (Church of God in Christ/Presbyterian – Reformed) and settings (urban/suburban) came together with others on behalf of God’s mission in a major US Urban Area.

We have also learned what doesn’t work when suburban and urban Christians try to cooperate. Simply importing programs and models from elsewhere rarely works, no matter how successful those programs have been elsewhere, if personal relationships of trust are not built first. Both sides have to be very cautious about unspoken and unwarranted expectations of one another. We have also seen promising partnerships undermined by ideological separatism that creates artificial boundaries in the Body of Christ, or by ignorance of the persistence of institutionalized racism in our society.