definition: disciple making movement

How can “Disciple Making Movements” be identified. When does the “process” become a verifiable people movement to Christ? 4 dimensions identified.

uDMMs | urban Disciple Making Movements

A disciple making movement is the rapid spread of the Gospel and obedience to it among people who have previously not known and loved God. This was the goal of the Apostle Paul and something he saw happen in Thessalonica (2 Thessalonians 3:1).

Disciple making movements are measured in four dimensions: obedience, and the breadth, depth and rate of reproduction.

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The Problem with Attractional Evangelism | The Keystone Project

The Problem with Attractional Evangelism | The Keystone Project

Does attractional evangelism only produce “consumers” instead of “disciples”?

There are (at least) five major weaknesses of the attractional evangelistic method:

1. It does not make disciples; it attracts consumers.

The attractional method typically appeals to the needs or desires of those it is targeting to reach, and must deliver those needs and desires at a “price” the target group is willing to pay. This is religious consumerism. At some point the church must call the attendee to a deeper level of commitment and sacrifice without which it is impossible for them to be a disciple. When that call comes later rather than earlier, the attendee has already “bought into” a form of Christianity which has allowed him to be a Christian without being a disciple. Too often this results in what Dallas Willard calls the “cost of non-discipleship”, undiscipled disciples! Additionally, it violates the basic principles of discipleship because you do not attract disciples, you call them (Matthew 8:18-22).

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