Barna: Is Evangelism Going Out of Style?


Takeaways: Evangelicals talk the most about sharing their faith and do it the least. Catholics talk the least but seem to – on average – link faith and behavior more. Millennials are the only generation for whom evangelism is on the rise. Low income households are more likely to share the faith than high income households.  Middle income people are the least likely to share their faith, yet, of evangelicals are most likely to affirm the obligation to share their faith.


“Still, it should be troubling to Christian leaders,” Kinnaman continues, “that evangelism is on the decline among key demographics, especially among Busters and Boomers who make up nearly two out of three active Christians today. Also, additional insight is needed to understand why middle-income Christians have stepped on the brakes in recent years when it comes to evangelism. The bottom line is that millions of Americans remain committed to the idea and practice of evangelism. However, Christians need to be aware of a growing apathy toward evangelism among the most unlikely of groups: middle-age and middle-income Christians. These are the very people who are often reaching a place of religious maturity, which traditionally includes a commitment to faith-sharing conversations. Among these groups, has the Christian community lost a sense of urgency for those outside the faith?”

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