We Pre-Launch The 100 Days Of Worship Campaign… With Eritrean Underground Pentecostal Christians Who Learned To Love The Creed

Last year we participated in “100 Days of Worship with the North Korean Underground Church” – this related post is worth revisiting….

Do the Word

SUSA-KoreanIt would take a month of blog posts just to explain the predicament of the Eritrean underground church. On the one hand, Eritrea is consistently recognized as one of the most ruthless state persecutors of Christians on earth. The ingredients you’d expect are there: Paranoid dictator who self-consciously seeks to imitate North Korea. A population that is 60 percent Muslim.

But here’s where things get weird–and sad. Eritrea is a textbook case of Christian-on-Christian persecution, a little-discussed phenomenon precisely because it’s so disturbing. As Open Doors’ World Watch 2013 report explains,

The Eritrean Orthodox Church is the largest church in the country and its members are said to spy on the activities of CBBs [Christian background believers] and independent Christians and report them.

We decided to build a week-long discipleship training program for Eritrean underground Pentecostal Christians around the four pillars of the 100 Days of Worship campaign…

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